The Racing With Aloha Series

The Racing With Aloha Series

5 Episodes

Meet the Riders Fred Haywood and friends Kai Lenny, Laird Hamilton, Anders Bringdal, Jack McCoy, Neil Pryde, Barry Spannier and Zane Schweitzer with IWT Director Simeon Glasson moderating.

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The Racing With Aloha Series
  • Talk Story, EP1 Fred Haywood TRAILER

  • Talk Story, EP1 Fred Haywood Surf Edition, Early Indo

    Episode 1

    Fred Haywood with Kai Lenny and legendary surf filmmaker Jack McCoy talk INDO early days. Hear about Kai's adventures to surf the remote breaks of Indonesia following the footsteps of Fred and the dreamlike images from Jack in his award winning movies.

  • Talk Story, EP2 Fred Haywood Speed Sailing

    Episode 2

    Fred Haywood with Anders Bringdal talk SPEED RECORDS and being the fastest humans on water. Hear about Fred breaking the world speed record on water just 4 years after learning to windsurf. Hear about Anders and Fred meeting on Maui for the first time in 1986 when Anders was young and had zero ex...

  • Talk Story, EP 3 Fred Haywood Old Equipment vs New Equipment

    Episode 3


  • Talk Story, EP4 Fred Haywood Big Wave Riding

    Episode 4

    Fred Haywood with Laird Hamilton and Zane Schweitzer talk BIG WAVES and pushing that envelope. Hear about Fred's massive wave ride in 1084 captured by Arnold de Rosnay with a photo that made genuinely Fred World Famous. Hear about Laird pushing the envelope with his tow in rides in Tahiti. Hear ...