Short Movies

Short Movies

Up to 10-minute Riders short movies

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Short Movies
  • Libertés

    West call is recurrent. We prefer turn to the other side, go look for the sun where it comes, the east CALL, around balkans, around the orient's border....

    here on Crusades' road, that's a fucking monstrous past, greeks remains, mythology, roman remains, byzantine empire, knights, arabs, genoese...


  • Fromentine Vintage Fun Cup 2021

    Highlights of the 2021 edition
    🎥 Tom Pacelli
    Poster: Sabrina Chess Painting

  • Breaking Free

    Hiver 2021 les stations de sport d’hiver n’ouvriront pas leurs portes en France… Nous nous sommes alors adaptés pour continuer de rider nos montagnes. Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont participé. Paul Chavanes, Axel Fresquet, Hugo Bouhacene, Théo Sanchez, Romain Testas, Baptiste Spring, Will Jui...

  • Skate Poling

    Skatepoling is the best new endurance sport you've never heard of. How long and fast can you skate paddle in 24 hours straight?

  • Fromentine Vintage Fun Cup 2020

    Flashback sur Fromentine Vintage Fun Cup 2021
    🎥 Tom Pacelli
    Poster: Sabrina Chess Painting

  • Croisés

    « Croisés », opus 2021, about Next Memories.
    Once again, the Fournier family has returned to the greek islands for summer pilgrimage. Always a good harvest of sessions throughout the day, all along the trip. Long live the sun! To cross some more new dreams with some tricks.

    « Croisés »
    (in fre...